Friday, October 23, 2015

October Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. 

This month of Fly on the Wall is dedicated to simply the things Little Man says. I wish you all could hear him talk. He is too cute!

Trying to get his Baby Brother out of the room. 
Little Man: mom come here me. You come here me. I need help!

Little Man walks into kitchen, I hear some noises. He comes out...

Little Man: I no have hind my back. (Shaking head no)

Me: yes you do. What is it?

Little Man: No. I no have hind my back. (Hands stay behind his back) 

Laying down with Little Man (which we never get to do anymore) 
Me: baby boy you are getting to be too big!! 

Little Man: ok mom lol ok. 

Really when did he grow up... He's almost 3!! 

Little Man was sitting eating strawberries with his fingers. He finishes:

Little Man: Me put it dooowwwnnnn.... 

Placed bowl on table. 

Little Man: I get paper towl (towel) and clean mmmmyyyy hands!

Since Little Man has turned 3 he has become a tricky little man. I have recently started my 7 day challenge for Plexus Slim. This requires me to drink a special powder drink every morning. Today was no different. I had my drink premixed and chilling in the fridge. I pulled it out to start to drink and of course Little Man wants my drink. 

Little man: I have a drink :)

Me: ok go get your juice. 

Little Man: no I want yours. 

Me: sorry baby but this is mommies special drink. Only mommy can drink it.

He proceeds to act like he is choking. 

Little Man: mom I need a drink! (Cough cough) I'm choking! I'm choking mom I need a drink! 

I can't help but laugh at him. 

Me: no you're not choking. You are faking it. Go get your juice you will be fine! 
Little Man: ugh (walks away rolling his eyes) 

Ok ladies and gents here is one to add to the list. I'm sitting talking to Chef and he says the other day Little man was playing with a ball. He was asked to give the ball to Baby Boy. Little Man proceeds to throw the ball down the hall. 

Little Man: Daddy I no have nothing in my hands see! 

Showing his hands to his daddy.

Hahaha oh man do I have it in for me. This child is all me!!

Little Man and I are in the office/play area. He hears his big brothers fighting over the TV. 

Little Man: Be quiet guys. Sit down watch tv now! 

He proceeded to walk in the living room to talk to them. 

Little Man: Sit down and watch tv. Baby's sleeping! 

Little Man was sitting down at the table eating breakfast this morning. The older boys had gone to their room to have quiet time and do some reading and some homework. 

When Little Man was done eating he says: Mom I go play my boy?

Me: What do you want?

Little Man: Mom I go play with my boys? 

Mom: Oh, you want to go play with your brothers? 

Little Man: My boys mom!

Lastly, Little Man's newest thing to say: 

Little Man will be sitting at the table doing some coloring, playing with toys in the toy room etc. When all of a sudden I hear Baby Boy scream.

Me: Little Man, what happened?

Little Man: I no no mom, I did nothing!

Me: Little Man, What did you do?

Little Man: I no no mom. (with a big grin on his face)

He is always up to something. I fear what it will look like in the next year or even 6 months with both of them running around causing chaos together!

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  1. Oh boy do you have your hands full. You can tell when they're already rolling their eyes at the age of 3!

  2. "Oh no no nothing, Mom!" You are going to have blog stories for years with that cutie. I love the pretend choking to get your Plexis. He's a smart little man!

  3. I miss those days!!!!!!!! My youngest is more kids for me.

  4. You certainly have your hands full with that one. My little girl is just as cheeky, and it always makes life interesting.

  5. Kids are so funny especially when they tell on themselves

  6. Oh boy, are your hands full. Eye rolling that young? Yikes......
    What a cutie.