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Hi Ya'll,

As you all can see from my page my name is Nichole. I welcome you to my page! This is something that is new to me so please bear with me. I have always been told to blog about things so here I am.

I am now a stay at home mom (4 years now but still new to me). Before becoming a S.A.H.M I was a dental assistant. I have worked since I was the age of 16 so for me to have a change like this has been a trip. It has been quite an adjustment. I think I am finally getting use to it. Although I couldn't handle not making any money so I recently became an Independent Consultant with Jamberry. I love it! It has helped me become more girly. I have never been much for make up or pretty nails. I am a tank top, shorts/long skirts with flip flops on and hair up kind of gal.

Other than being a mom of 8 kids..... I try to find time to do a number of things. I love to do things crafty: crochet, sew, cross stitch. I find there are a lot of women that go without knowing how to do these things. Many people find it great that I have continued to do things like this. I think it is quite important so we can continue to show the generations to come what one has to do to create things of use. I have tried to do the knitting but I find that quite challenging as I have to stop constantly (obviously) with all the kids.

Well I hope you stick around and see what it is like in my life, things I find interesting, and others I look toward for ideas and support. Feel free to follow me on any one of the following sites:

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