Friday, October 23, 2015

October Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. 

This month of Fly on the Wall is dedicated to simply the things Little Man says. I wish you all could hear him talk. He is too cute!

Trying to get his Baby Brother out of the room. 
Little Man: mom come here me. You come here me. I need help!

Little Man walks into kitchen, I hear some noises. He comes out...

Little Man: I no have hind my back. (Shaking head no)

Me: yes you do. What is it?

Little Man: No. I no have hind my back. (Hands stay behind his back) 

Laying down with Little Man (which we never get to do anymore) 
Me: baby boy you are getting to be too big!! 

Little Man: ok mom lol ok. 

Really when did he grow up... He's almost 3!! 

Little Man was sitting eating strawberries with his fingers. He finishes:

Little Man: Me put it dooowwwnnnn.... 

Placed bowl on table. 

Little Man: I get paper towl (towel) and clean mmmmyyyy hands!

Since Little Man has turned 3 he has become a tricky little man. I have recently started my 7 day challenge for Plexus Slim. This requires me to drink a special powder drink every morning. Today was no different. I had my drink premixed and chilling in the fridge. I pulled it out to start to drink and of course Little Man wants my drink. 

Little man: I have a drink :)

Me: ok go get your juice. 

Little Man: no I want yours. 

Me: sorry baby but this is mommies special drink. Only mommy can drink it.

He proceeds to act like he is choking. 

Little Man: mom I need a drink! (Cough cough) I'm choking! I'm choking mom I need a drink! 

I can't help but laugh at him. 

Me: no you're not choking. You are faking it. Go get your juice you will be fine! 
Little Man: ugh (walks away rolling his eyes) 

Ok ladies and gents here is one to add to the list. I'm sitting talking to Chef and he says the other day Little man was playing with a ball. He was asked to give the ball to Baby Boy. Little Man proceeds to throw the ball down the hall. 

Little Man: Daddy I no have nothing in my hands see! 

Showing his hands to his daddy.

Hahaha oh man do I have it in for me. This child is all me!!

Little Man and I are in the office/play area. He hears his big brothers fighting over the TV. 

Little Man: Be quiet guys. Sit down watch tv now! 

He proceeded to walk in the living room to talk to them. 

Little Man: Sit down and watch tv. Baby's sleeping! 

Little Man was sitting down at the table eating breakfast this morning. The older boys had gone to their room to have quiet time and do some reading and some homework. 

When Little Man was done eating he says: Mom I go play my boy?

Me: What do you want?

Little Man: Mom I go play with my boys? 

Mom: Oh, you want to go play with your brothers? 

Little Man: My boys mom!

Lastly, Little Man's newest thing to say: 

Little Man will be sitting at the table doing some coloring, playing with toys in the toy room etc. When all of a sudden I hear Baby Boy scream.

Me: Little Man, what happened?

Little Man: I no no mom, I did nothing!

Me: Little Man, What did you do?

Little Man: I no no mom. (with a big grin on his face)

He is always up to something. I fear what it will look like in the next year or even 6 months with both of them running around causing chaos together!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

September Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 16 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Chef and I were sitting in the living room watching baby boy play with a box.
Chef: our baby boy is growing up. All our babies are growing yep. 
Me: yes yes I know. 
Please don't remind me how much they have grown. How my baby is almost a year old and I won't have another. 

Sitting in the living room yet again. Older kids are in back playing while we have baby with us. Baby starts playing footsie with Chef. I am just in awe of how much he has grown. Over the last month he has gone from baby to almost toddler with looks, expressions and now actions. It won't be long until he is walking. 

Driving to San Antonio to make our monthly payments to everyone we always stop and get gas half way there. This time Chef chose a gas station with McD connected. First thing out of Little Man's mouth "I get out. I get out". 
Me: No baby daddy's just getting gas and mommy is cleaning windows. 
Him: No I get out. I get Mc Donald's. I get out. 

He continues to cry and whine. Daddy comes back and brings a surprise. Daddy hands Little Man a Slurpee. 

Little Man: I want Mc Donald's daddy. 
Chef: Daddy got you Slurpee. 

I get back in car to hear him still saying he wants McDonalds and doesn't want the Slurpee. 

Me: Baby you got a Slurpee!! Wow I wish I could have some. Can I have a drink? 
Little Man: Here I want McDonalds. 
Me: But Slurpee is so much better. It's like if cream. 

Little Man look is surprised. 

Moms job done. Content little kid. 

Tying to potty train my my almost 3 year old... lots of fun in this house. Not!! You would think after 2 boys it would be easy. Not!! He is just not having it. We shall see this is the 3rd attempt of trying to potty train. 1st time was 1 1/2 yrs ago, obviously too soon for him. 2nd attempt we did good but I think the adults in the house got tired of trying to follow through with it a year ago. I know I was as I was due to have baby 4 any day. So now we try again. Little Helper is almost 3. It is definitely time to give it another shot. With Baby boy in diapers, obviously, I am done with two in diapers. 

1:00 pm Is it a thing to take off all clothes and be naked on the toilet?? He takes pants off so he has room to move legs. I get that. But shirt too. He wants it off because he's afraid it will get wet. Like father and son I guess I don't know. 
He then has me go potty. I tell him to not pee on my floor. So what does he do. Hold himself and say he won't pee on my floor lol. As I'm going he proceeds to tell me he wants to get in... Get in where son? The bath mom. He thinks he has to take a bath every time he goes potty.  I finish and he wants to flush it for me. Great we got that down. Now he has to sit again and try. He says mom I can't do it. It's ok baby it won't always work lol boy six year old is complaining from other side of door and he is responding to him trying to tell him it's ok. One minute brother. Then gets mad and upset with me. I don't know how to do it mom. Grunting burying hard to go. Face turning red. Mom I can't do it. I tell him we are all done. He insisted on staying there. I'm ok. After arguing with him to get off the toilet he finally agrees. Ok mom. I wipe my butt. Ok. 10 minutes have gone by the other kids are mad and screaming but he is actually trying to potty train. Woohoo! 

Well it is barely 10 am and we have been up for over 3 hours now... feels so much longer than that. By 830 I already had a screaming child, 9 am a diaper explosion causing the world to stop and focus on the baby (clean down, bathe GOOD, dry off, etc.) then of course since one was in the bath the others want in the bath.... Thank God they are all boys.... Cody jumps in with swim trunk I throw Hector-Ray in the tub and finish with Gabriel. Baby out and clean, Hector-Ray fighting to stay in, Cody yelling so he can shower alone.... Priceless. Now that it is 10 am I have had every kid mad and screaming/crying for one reason or another. Today is a short work day as we are approaching OUR weekend (well not the older boys lol) I just can't wait for my better half to get off already and help with life. We/I miss him so much. He works his butt off then comes home and doesn't stop. He always says if I am up and going he is up and going and well... 90% of the time that is very true. The other 10% is because I let him sleep or rest when he can...... COME ON WEEKEND!!

Oh I forgot to mention.... I get to hear the Sax played this weekend... so happy!!

Day ???? Of trying to potty train this kid and it is kind of going better. I decided to put him in Parents Choice diapers instead of the Luvs he is use to. It has made him realize he is wet and nasty and causes him to go in and go try more often now. I still try to take him in to go but I always fight with him to go. But he knows he has to sit and try before getting another pamper on. He is making progress but I still feel no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Me: why is my butt wet baby?
Little man: I don't know mom. You need to go potty! 
*at least part of potty training is going through! 

Little Man comes running down the hallway. 
Little Man: I go Mc Donald's. Pree please. Pree please. 

We decide to take him. 
We pass Mc Donald's. 
Little Man: Go back dad. Go back!! Dad my Mc Donald's. 

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Little Man and Dad's Soda

I have been trying to get this one in here for you guys to read as it is an everyday thing we go through here in the house. Not always with soda but with some drink that we have. Little Man always wants our drinks especially Dads!! This particular night was a few weeks ago but I just had to share with you all. 

Let me set the scene a little. It is the weekend and Chef had to take time off per doctor orders. Chef and I are sitting in living room watching tv in the morning while kids are good. We have found the first hour is our hour to spend together as the kids all get along best then. 

Little Man: I drink Dads doda (soda). 
Me: You're drinking Dads soda? 
Little Man: Ya. 
Me: Why? I thought it was daddy's??
Little Man: I had doda. 
Me: Its yours?
Little Man: Ya
Me: No

He takes another drink. Gives me that look like "Yep it's mine and good too." I couldn't help but laugh. 

Me: What are you doing?
Little Man: I had.... My doda. 
Me: It's your soda?

Little Man burps. 

Me: Eww gross!
Little Man: ha ha ha. I do that! 

He continues to take another drink. Chef finally chimes in. 

Chef: Hey enough with the soda this early in the morning already. 
Mind you it is only 10am. Little Man, with his big hands keeps the can tightly in his hands. 

Little Man: I got this!
Chef: I know you got this, but still?!?! 

Little Man continues to drink the soda and I can't help but laugh. Turns out he was teasing his daddy the whole time. He was slowly sipping it to get his daddy's attention. Joys of a 2 1/2 yr old! ;) 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Baby Boy Learning to Walk

Chef has been working a lot of hours lately and on a new shift. He is gone before the sun comes up and not back most nights until the sun is almost down. The other day we were sitting in the living room....

Chef: Babe! Babe! Baby! Baby! 
Me: Yes? What! 
Chef: Baby!
Me: What?!
Chef: The baby is taking a step and you missed it!!!
Me: No he didn't. I am sitting right here. He is holding onto my chair and grabbed the couch then took a step.
Chef: Well either I am hallucinating or he DID just take a step..... So he DID take a step in my eyes ok! LOL
Me: Ok hun ok.

Tonight was a little different. I have been working with my baby walking around the house, holding one hand as he walks next to me. He has done quite well but still not at balance that he should be to walk safely. 

Me: OMG!! Babe are you watching this!!! Babe!!

Chef was into his tv show so you can never be too sure if he hears what you are saying. 

Chef: Yes love I have told you already.... Our baby boy has been taking steps one, two at a time but you tell me I am crazy and I am not seeing it. 
Me: Ok but look!

I picked up Baby Boy's hands, stood him up and let go.

Me: Baby watch!!

Baby Boy takes 3 steps towards me!! 

Me: He's really doing it this time!! He is REALLY doing it this time!!
Chef: Yes love I know. ... now hush I am watching tv lol.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Love for Jamberry

First true blog might as well be about something I love right? Well here goes nothing... 

3 months ago I was invited to this Jamberry Facebook Party from a fellow friend online. I had never heard anything about them before but I figured what the heck, why not. I love helping my friends out. As this party went on for 10 days online I started learning more and more about the Jamberry business and their products. I started thinking how good this would be for my step daughters and how it may help get us to connect and have some girl time. I went ahead and made a purchase. Taking the input from both of the girls to make sure they would enjoy it too. 

When the wraps arrived I was thrilled! They were so so cute and I couldn't wait to go over to Little Mama's house and help her put some wraps on. I even took some for her to do with her girls. Father's Day weekend we had a blast. Not only did we get to visit but SHE actually suggested that I help her with putting them on her toes! As I was helping her, explaining the process to her the little girls came in "Mommy I want pretty nails too!" Too cute! I was thrilled to see I finally did something that worked to connect not only with Little Mama but the girls too. 

A week goes by and Dancer comes over to visit for the summer. I got excited because it was something I can finally do with her and connect. Ya she does cheer and I did dance growing up but other than that we had nothing to talk about. She is a very closed off person and it takes a lot to open her up to you. So I let her know I had just got an order placed as well as the ones that she asked for. We sat down and I showed her how to do one finger, asked if she wanted me to continue or if she wanted to do it. She wanted me to!! After about 3 nails Dancer decided she wanted to try it. She did great! I am going to be getting a second heater so we can do the nails together and not have to take turns with the heater. :) 

I loved how much it helped me connect with my step daughters that I had to join. I mean I didn't have to join but who could deny the 30% discount I get simply buying more wraps and lacquers or other products like their hand care. I did it. I made the leap and I joined! 

When I joined I didn't expect to do as good as I am now. Remember I simply joined to save money not to make money. Here I am now, with a team of my own, making money. Chef and I no longer have to worry what bill we are going to have to push out and not pay on time. We can now go do things as a family. Before we would only be able to go if someone was out visiting a friend or family member because we could never pay for everyone to go. We are no longer living from pay check to pay check and it is awesome! I now get paid to have pretty nails. I have made a laundry list of friends that I would have never made. Even though we all live in different states we still talk every day together and have fun. I never thought that I would be able to sale a product from home and succeed! I have tried to sale Avon, Tupperware, etc. never could I do it. But this I can do and I love it. 

I tell you all this and some of you may be wondering what Jamberry Nail wraps are. I am so sorry I did not go into much detail. Here is a little about the wraps if you care to know. 

Jamberry nail wraps are heat activated wraps that last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes! Since wraps are not made with any lacquer (polish) there is no dry time meaning no smudges! I love that I don't have to wait for them to dry before moving on to the next task. I can stop mid mani/pedi and change that nasty diaper or help a kid with homework without smudging my nails! How AWESOME is that?!?!? Its like Pinterest nails but without all the mess! If you want to know more about it please feel free to ask me questions or look at my sight: Here

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Family and Who We Are

Who is the family? We are: Blogger (me), Chef, Little Momma, Football Player, Gamer, Runner, Dancer, Busy Bee, Little Man and Baby.

Blogger, 30: I am kind of new SAHM, only been doing it now for 4 years. Before staying at home I was a dental assistant. I love to scrapbook, cook, sew and crochet when I find me time. 

Chef, 35: Chef of the house. Loves to cook so much he is now a su chef at a BBQ restaurant here locally. He is an amazing man that I am glad to have a part of my life.

Little Momma, 22: Daughter to Chef, my step daughter, and mother of 3, awesome older sister that loves to get out and have some fun when she can. She lives in her own home with her family of course but she is still part of us. I have found out so much about her in the last few years it is awesome. I love how close we have become. Sometimes I have to remember to step back and think to myself... wait I am her step mom, how do I approach this in a motherly kind of way. I love how we have grown to know each other and click so well. :)

Football Player, 15: Son to Chef, my step son, and great big brother. He loves to play with the younger siblings just as much as the older ones. He loves to play football and baseball and this summer has found a new passion for food, like his father. He lives with his mom but visits quite frequently.

Gamer, 14: Son to Chef, step son to me, and a big brother to many. He loves to play his video games but also loves to get down on the floor and roll around with the little ones. The little ones love rolling around with him and cling to him like peanut butter and jelly.

Runner, 11: my oldest biological son, Chef's step son, very good helpful brother. Whenever we need him he is there to help. He is beginning Middle school this next year which will bring on fun and exciting things coming his way. 

Dancer,11: youngest daughter of Chef, step daughter to me, great little/big sister who is like a little mamma. She loves the outdoors and could be a fishy if you let her. Her activity she does is cheer. Gamer and her come to visit about once a month or so now that school is going back in session.

Busy Bee, 6 (7 next month): Son to me, step son to Chef, energizer bunny as I call him. He is constantly going and trying to do something. He likes to be in the mix but has a hard time fitting in due to his age. He lives with us full time but does occasionally go to his dads to visit.

Little Man, 2 (3 next month): son to both Chef and myself.... He is my little helper but also my little fireball. He is finally learning how to be independent and a helper without being in trouble so much.

Baby, 10.5 months (1 mid Sept): son to both Chef and myself, baby of the family and forever will be. He is the perfect combo of the two of us and constantly keeps us all on our toes. 

This is us! I know it is a lot to keep track of. I still have a hard time remembering who does what, but I absolutely love it!!