Friday, September 11, 2015

Baby Boy Learning to Walk

Chef has been working a lot of hours lately and on a new shift. He is gone before the sun comes up and not back most nights until the sun is almost down. The other day we were sitting in the living room....

Chef: Babe! Babe! Baby! Baby! 
Me: Yes? What! 
Chef: Baby!
Me: What?!
Chef: The baby is taking a step and you missed it!!!
Me: No he didn't. I am sitting right here. He is holding onto my chair and grabbed the couch then took a step.
Chef: Well either I am hallucinating or he DID just take a step..... So he DID take a step in my eyes ok! LOL
Me: Ok hun ok.

Tonight was a little different. I have been working with my baby walking around the house, holding one hand as he walks next to me. He has done quite well but still not at balance that he should be to walk safely. 

Me: OMG!! Babe are you watching this!!! Babe!!

Chef was into his tv show so you can never be too sure if he hears what you are saying. 

Chef: Yes love I have told you already.... Our baby boy has been taking steps one, two at a time but you tell me I am crazy and I am not seeing it. 
Me: Ok but look!

I picked up Baby Boy's hands, stood him up and let go.

Me: Baby watch!!

Baby Boy takes 3 steps towards me!! 

Me: He's really doing it this time!! He is REALLY doing it this time!!
Chef: Yes love I know. ... now hush I am watching tv lol.


  1. Yay!! He's growing up so fast!! Sucks that you live so far away.... at least we can watch our little ones grow up together through FB!

    1. Very true very true. I am blessed to have you as such a good friend even with the distance between us now.