Monday, September 14, 2015

Little Man and Dad's Soda

I have been trying to get this one in here for you guys to read as it is an everyday thing we go through here in the house. Not always with soda but with some drink that we have. Little Man always wants our drinks especially Dads!! This particular night was a few weeks ago but I just had to share with you all. 

Let me set the scene a little. It is the weekend and Chef had to take time off per doctor orders. Chef and I are sitting in living room watching tv in the morning while kids are good. We have found the first hour is our hour to spend together as the kids all get along best then. 

Little Man: I drink Dads doda (soda). 
Me: You're drinking Dads soda? 
Little Man: Ya. 
Me: Why? I thought it was daddy's??
Little Man: I had doda. 
Me: Its yours?
Little Man: Ya
Me: No

He takes another drink. Gives me that look like "Yep it's mine and good too." I couldn't help but laugh. 

Me: What are you doing?
Little Man: I had.... My doda. 
Me: It's your soda?

Little Man burps. 

Me: Eww gross!
Little Man: ha ha ha. I do that! 

He continues to take another drink. Chef finally chimes in. 

Chef: Hey enough with the soda this early in the morning already. 
Mind you it is only 10am. Little Man, with his big hands keeps the can tightly in his hands. 

Little Man: I got this!
Chef: I know you got this, but still?!?! 

Little Man continues to drink the soda and I can't help but laugh. Turns out he was teasing his daddy the whole time. He was slowly sipping it to get his daddy's attention. Joys of a 2 1/2 yr old! ;) 

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